About Us

What’s the Twist?

The wedding industry is massive in Calgary and the truth of the matter, whether we are partial to the industry or not, we have some of the most talented vendors that Canada has to offer right here in Calgary. So the Wishing Well Wedding & Event Foundation was launched in 2015 in Calgary and we will hope to grow it Canada wide.

Here’s the twist. This Foundation will be also for children. Who can deny a child the chance to have their last birthday party the way the dreamed of? I have seen first-hand the gratitude in a child’s eyes when you can give back. I have seen the emotion with the parents as well.

Who Receives Wishes?

Granted wishes will range from couples wanting to get married to their partner or children wanting to have a celebration with their family and closest friends. All candidates are nominated and qualified by doctors and medical professionals. Giving back and helping those that have a single wish to share a day with the friends and family is why this foundation was created. No matter age or sexual preference.

A Little Extra Information.
Qualified wish recipients must be diagnosed with less than five years to live, be a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years old (for wedding only). The charity also grants a limited number of “special circumstance wishes” for individuals who have endured serious life-altering circumstances based on current available resources. Please go to our How to Apply page for more information.